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“There are many people out there who claim they can do great things. Olivier sets himself apart by actually having done them. He digs at the details while still seeing the big picture, as he creates his very impressive, world-class projects. He has already done some pretty impressive stuff that very, very few other people in the social media world have ever matched, and I believe he’s still getting warmed up. If I were launching a global marketing initiative, I’d make sure I had a chat with Olivier Taupin before doing almost anything else.”
CEO of a Digital Marketing & Social Media company

“There are networkers, and then there are networkers… Olivier has the wonderful ability of being able to tap into a huge LinkedIn network that is very responsive to him….which I know is not something everyone can say. I totally enjoyed working with Olivier; he was a great team player, and always honest with me – and that I really appreciate in a colleague. He’s a bulldog when he has work to do, enthusiastic, eager to please, ‘gut gelaunt’ as the Germans would say (basic translation: he’s a good natured guy) and what he does networking-wise he does so well he can probably do it in his sleep..”
Strategic Advisor and Director, Strategic Marketing for an Information Technology company

“Olivier is a tireless, enthusiastic entrepreneur who brings a positive energy and high productivity to his work; he is an excellent communicator and creates a collaborative environment that results in an excellent work outcome.”
President of a Management Consulting company

“Olivier is very knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic in what he undertakes. I worked with Olivier on multiple projects. His expertise in planning and management made a real difference to our projects. He also worked very hard. Olivier is a very loyal and good person to know..”
Computer Software Consultant and Contractor

“Olivier is a very knowledgeable professional and a loyal business partner. He has a vast research capability and always finds the best solution and the shortest way to implement it..”
General Manager of a marketing consulting group

“Olivier is the kind of businessman that everyone enjoys knowing – he cares deeply about his professionalism and he is honest about his relationship with others. He is usually the team member that makes the difference in gaining a winning momentum – a good guy to know.”
CEO of a Management Consulting company

“I have yet to find someone that knows as much as Olivier when it comes to customer relationship marketing and how it can add to the bottom line for any sized business.”
President of one of the largest club baseball organizations for youth in the United States

“Olivier demonstrates passion and persistence, that makes for a winning combination. He is straightforward, personable, and a pleasure to work with.”
CMO of a technology company ranked as one of the 50 Smartest Companies in 2014 by MIT Technology Review