Group Rules

Our LinkedIn Group Rules

Last Update – May 24, 2016


Next D Media LLC, known as Next Dimension Media, offers to its communities’ members a virtual place to meet, interact and share ideas respectfully with each other.


  • Post items that EXCLUSIVELY and CLEARLY relate to the subject matter
  • Be kind, polite, respectful, professional, and constructive
  • Always post Conversations and jobs in their proper tabs
  • Comply with the LinkedIn User Agreement
  • Do not maket inappropriate postings


  • Not in ENGLISH
  • Not CLEARLY related to the subject matter
  • Posted in the wrong tab
  • Postings that infringe on any of the guidelines explained below


  • Group Management reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor postings and may WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE, delete Inappropriate or Misplaced Postings. This action shall constitute a WARNING.
  • Group Management reserves the right to restrict, remove, or block members. Member’s posting rights may be changed to “Require Moderation” after any Inappropriate or Misplaced Posting.
  • Members MAY BE REMOVED AND BLOCKED if they:
    • Post an egregiously inappropriate posting
    • Make inappropriate postings more than once
    • Misplace postings more than twice
    • Spam or harass members
    • Break any of LinkedIn’s User Agreement rules


Here are the guidelines for posting Conversations:

  • One topic at a time
  • When posting, try asking a question. It helps get conversations started and helps you get you what you want out of the conversation.
  • No unauthorized polls, surveys, or research
  • No self-promotion
  • No politics
  • No infringing on intellectual property, privacy, or other rights of third parties
  • No derogatory, unprofessional, disrespectful comments
  • Negative attacks on individuals or organizations are not acceptable
  • No links! Our goal is for conversations to remain IN THE GROUP. If you would like people’s responses/opinions on an article you are referencing, please cut and paste the pertinent part of the article, instead of just putting in a link. Here’s why: A link will take people OUT of our groups, along with their comments, questions, and anything else related to your original posting. We want you to benefit from the responses to your conversation starter. Please remember to reference the articles’s title, author, where the article was published and when, when posting it. It’s only fair to appropriately attribute the reference material.
  • Your willingness to post and follow these guidelines is greatly appreciated and leads to great conversations!


  • ONLY subject-matter-related jobs may be posted.
  • Jobs MUST be submitted on the jobs tab.
  • Jobs submitted on the Discussions tab will be deleted.


Group Management is allowed to post links to white papers, audio/video recordings, events, surveys, affiliated social networking groups, products, services and other Group-related resources in Conversations and Announcements.


In no event does Group Management or Next Dimension Media assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any posting. You agree to waive any legal or equitable rights or remedies you may have against Group Management or Next Dimension Media with respect to these Group Rules, including, but not limited to, member postings, posting restrictions, deletions, or moves, and member restrictions, removals, or blocks.

CONTACT INFORMATION – For more information, please contact us.