About Us

The Next Dimension of Social Media

Next Dimension Media is one of the world’s leading B2B social media marketing agencies.Next Dimension Media provides Business-t0-Business Social Media Marketing services through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. But we offer something you won’t find anywhere else: Our company owns more than 100 social accounts (LinkedIn groups, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts) that represent more than 1.5 million socially active professionals in more than a hundred industries. We already have social media communities we can use to help our customers in their social media marketing campaigns.

Many organizations and individuals position themselves as ‘social media experts.’ Rare are those who have a valuable track record of practical success. Next Dimension Media was founded by Olivier Taupin View LinkedIn Profile, a renowned expert in social business management and founder of more than 100 social communities, including:

Our consulting services are based on Mr. Taupin’s proprietary “10-Steps for Social Leadership” model to help companies plan cost-effective social media strategies to engage with business audiences.

Next Dimension Media has built some of the largest social media communities across industries, functions, and locations. Olivier Taupin was featured in Forbes for being the first LinkedIn group owner to reach 500,000 members. We offer effective community management, moderation, and member acquisition services, with a proven record.